Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Mar 04
    Town Hall Hotel - Cactus Bar (rooftop)
    Join us to celebrate the launch of Kavita Bedford's debut novel, 'Friends & Dark Shapes.' It is a novel of love and loss, of constancy and change. Most of all, it is about looking for connection in an estranged world. Kavita will appear in conversation with acclaimed author Bri Lee.
  • Mon, Mar 08
    Zoom - See your ticket email for the link
    Join us on International Womens Day to celebrate Josephine Taylor's debut novel, 'Eye of a Rook.' Set in 1860s London and contemporary Perth this novel explores the treatment of the female body. Josephine will appear in conversation with Australian prose-poet, critic and scholar Cassandra Atherton.
  • Thu, Mar 11
    Zoom - See your ticket email for the link
    From award-winning author Sarah Krasnostein comes an exploration of the power of belief. 'The Believer' weaves together the stories of six extraordinary ordinary people. It's about ghosts and gods and flying saucers and certainty in the absence of knowledge.
  • Mon, Mar 15
    Newtown Anglican Church - Main Hall
    The dazzling promise of stem-cell medicine: does it work and will it save us? Join us as Professor John Rasko, a leading physician-scientist takes us on a wild historical tour of this scandal-prone field. Professor Rasko will appear in conversation with Robyn Williams.
  • Thu, Mar 18
    Zoom - See your ticket email for the link
    Join #1 bestselling author and Better Read Than Dead favourite Trent Dalton in conversation with journalist and author Barry Divola about Barry’s new novel, 'Driving Stevie Fracasso'.
  • Mon, Mar 22
    Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
    Candid and surprising, 'Raising Them' is an inspiration to parents and to anyone open to understanding the limitless possibilities of being yourself. Join us as Kyl Myers discusses venturing off on a parenting path less traveled - of not being beholden to the boy-girl binary.
  • Thu, Mar 25
    Town Hall Hotel - Cactus Bar (rooftop)
    Join us to celebrate the launch of award-winning novelist and performance artist Fiona McGregor's latest book 'Buried Not Dead' - a collection of essays on art, literature and performance, sexuality, activism and the life of the city.
  • Thu, Apr 15
    Better Read Than Dead - upstairs
    Join us in store as one of Australia's bestselling authors, Todd Alexander, shares his hilarious new take on country life. Following on from the best-selling 'Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and a Pig Called Helga' this new book recounts the highs and lows of Todd & Jeff's tree change adventure.

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