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Mon, Jul 20
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Better Read Than Dead Loves Oz YA
Sit down on your finest Zooming lounge with some of the brightest Oz YA authors! Zana Fraillon, Danielle Binks & Bren MacDibble discuss their latest books with fellow author Kate Mildenhall and our very own Ayesha Salier!
Thu, Jul 23
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Tegan Bennett Daylight - The Details - with Charlotte Wood
We read in isolation but books help us notice the real points of connection between us. In 'The Details', a deeply intimate & insightful memoir, Tegan Bennett Daylight describes how her rich storehouse of reading has nourished her life, & how life informs her reading. She chats with Charlotte Wood.
Sat, Jul 25
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Kelly Ngai & Mikki Lish - The House on Hoarder Hill
Kelly Ngai and Mikki Lish are the dynamic duo behind the terrific kids middle grade novel 'The House on Hoarder Hill', which is already in development for a TV series. Find out what all the fuss is about when they chat with our very own Lucy Valencic!
Thu, Jul 30
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Laura Jean McKay and David Stavanger
Join Laura Jean McKay, author of 'The Animals in That Country', and David Stavanger, author of 'Case Notes', as they talk down the bones of the ways animals reveal the complexities of our lives, radical empathy, familiar and unfamiliar worlds, and chasing the wild onto the page.
Thu, Aug 27
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Charlotte McConaghy - The Last Migration
Spanning continents and seas, Charlotte McConaghy's 'The Last Migration' is an ode to the wild places and creatures now threatened, and an epic story of the possibility of hope against all odds. It's so good, we made it our Book of the Month for August! Charlotte chats with James Bradley on Zoom.

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