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Alchemy by Wendy Sharpe and Kate Forsyth

When a bestselling author and a much-esteemed painter meet at a party, they soon cook up the idea to collaborate and make a book about the life cycle of a woman...

Two brilliant artists get together and plan a dramatic book in words and images about the twists and turns in the life cycle of a woman. From birth onwards, no topic is skirted around.
Kate Forsyth is an award-winning and bestselling author, poet & storyteller.


Wendy Sharpe is a visual artist with accolades and global experiences aplenty. This collaboration takes them both to new places in their creative lives.

The drama that Kate and Wendy create on the pages of this lush book-in a collage style-will speak particularly to women with an intimacy that carries poignant and loving memories and knowledge, too, of the best things in life.

Alchemy by Wendy Sharpe and Kate Forsyth

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