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Thu, Sep 17
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Katerina Bryant - Hysteria
When Katerina Bryant began experiencing chronic seizures, doctors & psychiatrists understood her condition as little as she did. In exploring stories of other women with no voice in their diagnosis, she found her own: powerful, brave & resonant. She chats with Fiona Wright.
Mon, Sep 14
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Empty Sky - UTS Anthology Launch with Bri Lee
'Empty Sky' is the 34th UTS Writers’ Anthology: the 2020 collection of some of the best new writing – previously unpublished – from a student body with an incredible voice. It's full to the brim! To be launched by Bri Lee, with select readings by featured authors.
Thu, Sep 10
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Lisa Forrest - Glide
These are anxious times. 'Glide' by Lisa Forrest offers remarkably honest and calm insights into navigating the perils of modern living by a woman who has experienced it all. Lisa 'glides' with David Marr in a discussion destined to calm the chaos.
Sat, Sep 05
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Arab-Australian Authors Unite for Lebanon - Saturday Session
To raise funds for the victims of the Beirut explosion, some of Australia’s most celebrated authors, poets and academics of Lebanese and Arab backgrounds will come together for two nights of online discussions about the literature of the Arab diaspora.
Thu, Sep 03
Zoom - See your ticket email for the link
Ketan Joshi and Daisy Jeffrey in Conversation
Join Ketan Joshi, author of 'Windfall: Unlocking a Fossil-Free Future', and youth climate activist Daisy Jeffrey, author of 'On Hope', as they discuss the climate emergency, policy failures, and reasons to be hopeful for the future.
Wed, Sep 02
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Ewa Ramsey - The Morbids
'The Morbids' by Ewa Ramsey is a beautiful, funny, and universally relatable story of hidden loneliness and the power of compassion and companionship reminds us that life is an adventure truly worth living. It's speaks volumes about the power of a little kindness. Ewa chats with Hannah-Rose Yee.
Mon, Aug 31
Zoom - See your ticket email for the link
Rob Sturrock - How to Raise a Boy
This world needs good men, perhaps now more than ever. Written from the front line of fatherhood, journalist Rob Sturrock grapples with the daily challenges of raising boys who can thrive. He chats with Angela Priestley.
Fri, Aug 28
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S. J. Watson - Final Cut
A documentary maker travels to a sleepy fishing village to shoot her new film and encounters a dark mystery surrounding the disappearance of a local girl. 'Final Cut' is the gripping new psychological thriller from S.J. Watson, bestselling author of 'Before I Go to Sleep'. He chats with Anna Downes.
Thu, Aug 27
Zoom - See your ticket email for the link
Charlotte McConaghy - The Last Migration
Spanning continents and seas, Charlotte McConaghy's 'The Last Migration' is an ode to the wild places and creatures now threatened, and an epic story of the possibility of hope against all odds. It's so good, we made it our Book of the Month for August! Charlotte chats with James Bradley on Zoom.
Mon, Aug 24
Zoom - see ticket email for meeting details
Jenna Guillaume - You Were Made for Me
We're thrilled to host Jenna Guillaume, whose new YA novel is 'You Were Made for Me'. If like us you #LoveOzYA then this is the event for you! Jenna appears in conversation with our very own Mischa Parkee!
Thu, Aug 20
Zoom - see ticket email for meeting details
Betty O'Neill - The Other Side of Absence
Honest and compelling, with elements of a cold case detective story, Betty O'Neill's 'The Other Side of Absence' is a memoir of resilience and strength as a daughter reconciles the damage and trauma wrought on families by war. Betty appears in-conversation with Patti Miller.
Mon, Aug 17
Zoom - see ticket email for meeting details
Gabriel Bergmoser - The Hunted
Set to be one of the most talked about Australian books of 2020, 'The Hunted' by Gabriel Bergmoser is a visceral, tense, and utterly electric novel set on a lonely, deserted highway, deep in the Australian badlands. Gabriel appears in conversation with Melanie Kembrey.
Thu, Aug 13
Zoom - see ticket email for meeting details
Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard - The Ethical Omnivore
Laura Dalrymple & Grant Hilliard from the renowned Feather and Bone Providores bring you The Ethical Omnivore, a user-friendly recipe and handbook that will open your eyes to a better, more ethical way to buy, cook & eat meat. They chat with Charlotte Wood.
Wed, Aug 05
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Archipelago: A Climate, Environment, and Society Book Club
Archipelago Book Club will address the most pressing issues of our times, bring the focus back to the communitarian, and attempt to expand our imaginations.

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