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Below you'll find a fantastic selection of our recent events.

Wed, Aug 14
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
How to be a Big Strong Man - Book Launch with Samuel Leighton-Dore
Samuel Leighton-Dore knows that masculinity is a myth. A big, dumb, silly, poorly constructed myth! 'How to be a Big Strong Man' pokes light-hearted fun at the very notion of manhood, by offering an updated guide to masculinity. Join us for the launch of this wonderful book!
Mon, Aug 05
The Vanguard Newtown
Peter Polites - The Pillars - Book Launch
Join us to celebrate the launch of The Pillars, the extraordinary new novel by Peter Polites, one of Australia's most exciting contemporary voices. A novel of dark desires and moral gray areas, it's so good we made it our August Book of the Month! To be launched by Professor Vrasidas Karalis.
Wed, Jul 24
The Concourse
The 117-Storey Treehouse
Better Read Kids is thrilled to celebrate the release of The 117-Storey Treehouse with Andy Griffiths, and you’re invited!
Wed, Jul 03
The Vanguard Newtown
Fake - Stephanie Wood in conversation with Benjamin Law
We're thrilled to host Stephanie Wood discussing her jaw-dropping memoir 'Fake' with Benjamin Law. In this brilliantly acute and broad-ranging book, Wood has written a riveting, important account of contemporary love, and the resilience of those who have witnessed its darkest sides.
Tue, Jul 02
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
On Eating Meat - Matthew Evans in conversation with Laura Dalrymple
On Eating Meat is a scorching manifesto on the ethics of eating meat by the best placed person to write about it - farmer and chef Matthew Evans, aka The Gourmet Farmer. He is in-conversation with Laura Dalrymple of Feather and Bone.
Sun, Jun 30
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
Sweatshop Women - Winnie Dunn in conversation with Maryam Azam
From the fabulous Sweatshop writing collective in western Sydney comes 'Sweatshop Women', an exciting and contemporary collection of prose and poetry written by women from Indigenous, migrant and refugee backgrounds. Editor Winnie Dunn is in-conversation with writer and contributor Maryam Azam.
Sat, Jun 22
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
Split - Book Launch
Join us for the Sydney launch of Split, a wonderful anthology of true stories focusing on leaving, loss, and new beginnings, featuring eighteen of our finest writers. To be launched by Tracey Spicer.
Thu, Jun 20
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
Vicki Laveau-Harvie on The Erratics
Vicki Laveau-Harvie's extraordinary memoir The Erratics won this year's Stella Prize. Join us as she discusses her book, writing journey, and the fascinating family experiences that spawned it. Vicki will be in-conversation with Sacha Horler.
Tue, Jun 18
Upstairs at Better Read Than Dead
The Nancys - R.W.R. McDonald with Bri Lee
The Nancys is gripping and glorious, a heart-warming novel for anyone who's ever felt they were on the outside looking in. We think so highly of it we made our June Book of the Month! Join author R.W.R. McDonald, in conversation with Bri Lee, to see what all the fuss is about.
Thu, Apr 11
Dendy Newtown
Ben Elton on Identity Crisis
We're thrilled to have Ben Elton join us for his only Sydney show, discussing his latest novel, Identity Crisis, a blistering comic satire of the world as it fractures around us. Ben is in-conversation with Simon Marnie of ABC Radio.

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